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Team Fortress Classic

Downloads — Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic

Valve | Sierra Entertainment | Released 1999

Originally a remake of the Team Fortress modification for Quake. Team Fortress Classic features over nine character classes — from Medic to Spy to Demolition Man — enlisted in a unique style of online team warfare.

FoxBot 0.701

FoxBot 0.701 (Can run with Metamod or Natively) for Team Fortress 1.5 aka Team Fortress Classic (The good old version, works best with WON version of.

foxbot 0.701 plugin

PC Zone #77 CD-Rom

This is the CD-Rom that came with the June 1999 issue of the UK Gaming Magazine PC Zone by Dennis Publishing, Included is demos of Kingpin:Life of Crime.

pc zone #77 cd-rom demo

PC Accelerator — Team Fortress Classic Demo

This is a disk from the July 1999 issue of PC Accelerator, Contained in this disk is the Half-Life update which contains Team Fortress Classic.

pc accelerator — team fortress classic demo demo

TFC 1.6 with tf2 skin + FoxBot

It’s Complete game with Bots and TF2 Skins. Credits «Zohaib Badarpura»

tfc 1.6 with tf2 skin + foxbot full version

TFC 2 Mod + FoxBot with waypoints

A TF2 Mod Pack for Team Fortress Classic with FoxBot and waypoints.

tfc 2 mod + foxbot with waypoints full version

Team Fortress Classic:Stayin’ Alive

This is a rare video off of Fileplanet which appears to be an musical tribute to the game, Set to The Bee Gee’s disco classic Stayin Alive. Video isn’t.

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team fortress classic:stayin’ alive movies

Team Fortress Classic:Fraggin’ To The End

This is an clan video found on Fileplanet of what looks like two of the more respected clans of TFC going at it. This video isn’t by me and I don’t take.

team fortress classic:fraggin’ to the end movies

Half-Life Updates Pre & Post

This is a collection of what will be needed to get Half-life (1998 Release) up to date. Also includes the 3Dfx MiniGL driver update if you have a voodoo.

half-life updates pre & post patch

Foxbot single with CS Version

Please note: you have a team fortress 1.5 classic and Foxbot ! copy a folder into FoxBot folder. So i tired this script was remaining, here some single.

foxbot single with cs version script

Team Fortress Classic 1.5 [WON HL1 only]

This is the old Team Fortress Classic 1.5 release for Half-Life WON. Can’t be used with Steam.

team fortress classic 1.5 [won hl1 only] full version


Russian pack for Team Fortress Classic.

tfc russian pack full version

TFC 2004 Incomplete

TFC 2004 Incomplete version 2. Graphic updating for Team fortress classic. Graphics, models, sounds and many other things will be made under 2004.

tfc 2004 incomplete demo

Botman’s Bots (HPB-BOT) 4.0

HPB BOT only for the following mods:Opposing Force,Deathmatch Classic,Team Fortress 1.5,Ricochet and of course Half-Life Only for WON versions Metamod.

botman’s bots (hpb-bot) 4.0 other

Team Fortress Classic 2 Skin Pack Full

Are You Ready To Be Really Awsome Ther Back They Have More Guns And More Things Is Team Fortress Classic 2 There Back There Really Back For More Action.

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team fortress classic 2 skin pack full full version

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