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Spider-Man: Miles Morales beginner’s guide: 7 tips for new and returning web slingers


Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – 10 essential tips & tricks

With Spider-Man: Miles Morales finally here and ready to kick off a new console generation, there’s a good chance many of you PS5 owners out there are picking up a copy on day one to show off your shiny new console.

This follow-up to the power-selling PlayStation juggernaut is more of a sequel rather than just a chunky slab of DLC. Scoring a spectacular 8 out of 10 in our review, Spider-Man: Miles Morales offers more web-slinging thrills while making smart refinements and additions to the existing gameplay.

Having completed the game and the majority of its side content, we’ve come up with a handy list of tips to help you on your own superhero journey.

1. One of the first things you should do is dive into the settings menu and assign shortcuts to both the left and right buttons on the d-pad. Insomniac Games have allowed players to remap these unused buttons to perform a variety of functions from quickly accessing menus to triggering attacks. We’d recommend slotting photo mode and gadget select.

2. A little way into the story, you’ll get access to Miles’s skill tree. You should take some time to check out this menu (we have a handy guide here listing every skill) while also taking note of the Challenge Skills. Split between combat, stealth, and traversal, there are three missions in each category that unlock one after the next. We’d advise blitzing through these asap, especially the traversal challenges. Quick Zip, Quick Recovery, and Point Launch Boost are essential when navigating New York.

3. Click R3 to scan your environment as often as you can. It’s particularly useful during stealth encounters, highlighting enemies in red, though you should follow this up by holding L2 and marking each target individually to mark their locations. You should also scan while exploring the city and moving between missions – it will highlight any nearby collectables or side missions.

4. In Spider-Man: Miles Morales you can perform tricks while airborne by holding Square and a direction on the left stick. This is mostly for show, allowing you to add a little flare as you move from A to B. However, it also gives you a bit of XP for every successful trick and combo, filling your Venom power bars too.

5. The biggest new addition in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is his newly acquired bio-electric powers, or “Venom” powers. By holding L1, some of your actions will become supercharged, Venom Punch being the first you unlock. Miles will generate Venom energy during combat, these special moves being primarily used to stun targets. Knowing how to use Venom will allow you to completely shut down groups of enemies and can be improved further by unlocking skills, Suits, and Mods.

6. Miles’s Venom powers can also be used outside of combat. Using Venom Jump (press L1 and Cross) and Venom Dash (press L1 and Triangle) can give you a sudden burst in height and speed as you swing.

7. It’s tempting to mainline the story missions first, though we’d advise taking some time to explore New York when playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales. By completing side missions and gathering collectables such as Time Capsules and Sound Samples, you’ll learn more about the game’s characters and their stories. Most side content also rewards you with XP, Activity Tokens, and Tech Parts which can be spent on upgrades.

8. Photo mode returns in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and it’s even more robust than before. Insomniac Games have improved this fan favourite feature with new tools for capturing some sensational Daily Bugle-worthy shots. We’ve put together a photo mode guide and for those wanting to share gameplay clips and screenshots on PS5, we have some pointers for that too.

9. The way Spider-Man can seamlessly traverse New York feels empowering though you may be missing an important trick during stealth sections. By aiming manually with L2, then tapping R2, you can stick to walls and ceilings. Doing so will let you quietly eliminate enemies when they come within close proximity. With certain milestones and trophies attached to wall and ceiling takedowns, you’ll want to work them into your stealth routine.

10. Don’t forget about Gadgets. While it’s easy to focus on melee combos, Venom attacks, and finishers, these high tech toys present even more opportunities to bash and beguile Spidey’s opponents. Aside from his trusty Web-Shooters, Miles has Holo-Drones which create friendly holograms, Remote Mines that can electrocute, and a Gravity Well. This last gadget sucks in groups of thugs, leaving them perfectly exposed to a devastating Venom Punch or Venom Smash. For more on Gadgets and all their available upgrades, see our guide.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – 15 Beginners Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Some handy pointers to get you started.

Posted By Shubhankar Parijat | On 13th, Nov. 2020

T he next chapter in Insomniac’s Spidey universe is here, and as the game’s name suggests, it puts the focus squarely on Miles Morales. Out now for PS5 and PS4, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to take millions of players on yet another thrilling webswinging journey across wintery Manhattan, and in this feature, we’ll talk about some basic pointers that you should keep in mind while playing the game. Some of these will be familiar to anyone who’s played the 2018 game, though a few will pertain specifically to Miles’ many new abilities. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Traversal is the primary pillar of gameplay in Miles Morales, just as it was in its predecessor, and while you’ll begin the game with a solid arsenal of moves as it is, you should try an unlock some other traversal-focused skills as well, to make swinging about Manhattan a bit more fun. Abilities such as Point Launch Boost – which unlocks Point Launch – and Quick Zip – which lets you web zip mid-air twice in quick succession – are going to become essential parts of your swinging moveset, so try and unlock them as quickly as possible.


Miles’ Spidey differs from Peter’s wallcrawler in a few few ways, and the biggest by far is Miles’ bio-electric abilities. His Venom attacks add a whole new dimension to combat, allowing you to unleash a whole new arsenal of moves and deal deadly damage to enemies. And while that might make it sound like his Venom abilities should be saved for bosses or tougher enemies, it’s actually best to keep using Venom attacks basically any time you have them. As soon as you’ve charged up your Venom meter even a little bit, it’s time to let loose with your more powerful electrically-charged attacks.


One of the most useful advantages of attacking enemies with Miles’ Venom powers is the fact that these attacks stun enemies, which can be incredibly useful in the busier combat encounters. But stunning enemies isn’t something the game hands to you right off the bat- you have to unlock that perk. So when you’re playing around with Miles’ skill tree, make sure to unlock the Synaptic Breakdown skill as quickly as possible. It is unlockable starting at level 4, and can be gained with just one skill point.


Another crucial skill that you should prioritize unlocking in the early hours of the game is Energy Syphon. Miles’ Venom bar will fill up on its own as you attack enemies and dodge attacks during combat, but if you have Energy Syphon unlocked, the rate at which that bar fills up will go up significantly. Unlockable at level 3 with just one skill point, this is one of the earliest skills in the game’s skill tree, and should ideally be among the very first skills you unlock.


This one isn’t as consistently useful as Synaptic Breakdown or Energy Syphon, but the Venom Smash attack – which is essentially an electrically-charged ground pound – is a devastating attack that does lots of area of effect damage, so get this move as quickly as possible. In fact, unlockable at level 1 with just one skill point, this is the earliest skill you’re going to unlock in the game anyway.


Venom Smash is incredibly useful no matter when or how you use it, but there are ways to maximize its usefulness. The best way is to combine it with the Gravity Well gadget. The Gravity Well, as its name suggests, sucks enemies in the vicinity into its gravity field, and letting loose with a powerful electric ground pound once that happens can quickly turn the tide of a combat encounter.


Upgrading the Gravity Well is something you should prioritize. The Gravity Well is an incredibly useful gadget even in its most basic form, but it becomes increasingly more useful as it powers up. Its second upgrade, for instance, instantly disarms any and all enemies it pulls into its black hole, and if used properly, can turn out to be extremely handy during the harder combat encounters.

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Miles’ skill tree isn’t the only place where you’ll be unlocking skills in Miles Morales. Peter may have left New York on a temporary basis, but he still wants to ensure that Miles’ training as the next Spider-Man continues, and so he’s left multiple challenges for him to take on. All of these are associated with unlockable skills of their own, which definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Many of the skills you get through these challenges have a lot of utility (such as the traversal skills we mentioned earlier), so make sure you do Peter’s challenges.


Other than Miles’ bio-electric abilities, another incredibly useful ability he has that sets him apart from Peter’s repertoire of moves is camouflage, which basically renders him temporarily invisible. It has a lot of uses, from giving you an edge in stealth sections to even letting you re-enter stealth if you want, but you can use it in combat as well. More specifically, if you find yourself low on health and overwhelmed by large numbers of enemies, using the camouflage and stepping away for a bit to give yourself a few seconds to breathe and heal up is a great use of this ability.


Camouflage’s usefulness in stealth cannot be overstated, obviously, and something that it is particularly useful for is taking out ranged enemies during stealth sections. For instance, when you invariably come across groups of enemies with snipers placed at multiple points, Miles’ invisibility will come in very handy. You can use it to close the distance to snipers and immediately take them out, saving you the hassle of having to avoid their line of sight.


As you progress further into Miles Morales, combat encounters will become progressively more complicated, throwing multiple enemies of varying kinds at you at the same time. In such situations, it’s best to take out the ranged enemies before all others. They can be a big nuisance while you’re trying to juggle multiple melee types and brutes, so it’s best to take them out of the equation first and foremost.


This should be a pretty basic tip for anyone who’s played the first Spider-Man, but for newcomers, it still bears mentioning- aerial combat is your best friend in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Keep throwing enemies up into the air, keep juggling them, and keep pulling grounded enemies up. It incapacitates foes that much quicker, and should be your primary way of taking on large groups during combat encounters.


A pretty important change that Miles Morales makes to progression is that suit powers are now no longer tied to suits. You can use any suit power and any mod you want with whatever suit you want to equip, and it’s important that you keep experimenting with combinations. Equip suits primarily based on whatever looks best on Miles, but make sure to try out different combos of mods and suit powers to match your play style.


Again, this is a very basic trip, especially for those who’ve played the first game, but given how easily skippable it is, it’s worth mentioning anyway. Like Peter, Miles can pull off some pretty sick looking tricks and stunts during freefall while webswinging, and you should be doing these any chance you get. Not only do they net small amounts of what is essentially free XP, they also recharge your Venom meter, which, as we’ve discussed, is a crucial tool.


Like its predecessor, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has plenty of side missions to dive into as well, and while many might be tempted to beeline it through the main story, it’s recommended that you don’t ignore the optional missions. Miles’ new home in Harlem has received something of a facelift in this game, and the collective flavour of this location is a crucial part of the story and Miles as a character, and these side missions add a lot to that part of the narrative. So make sure to tackle these side missions any time they become available.

9 essential tips and tricks for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Insomniac Games is back with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PlayStation 5 (and PS4), and it’s an absolute blast. Swinging around as this version of Spider-Man feels … dare we say … amazing, and the story and combat are as exciting as ever. Despite being a more condensed game when compared to the last entry, there’s a lot to do across New York City. It’s not easy filling in for Peter Parker, and things can get overwhelming quickly.

Fortunately, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time with Miles Morales and can let you in on a ton of tips and tricks to make your life easier while playing. Here are some basic pointers to help you save New York City while the other Spider-Man is away!

Further reading:

Take a look at your suit mods, visor mods, and other upgrades to know which to prioritize

Miles Morales has a different set of mods than Peter Parker, and you’ll want to take a look at them within the game’s menu. You’ll eventually want to get your hands on all of them, but depending on your playstyle, you should prioritize some over others. If you’re a player who likes to take enemies out stealthily, you should pick mods that adhere to that style of play.

Mods like “Eyes on Target,” which helps when determining the enemies that are visible to others, or “Optic Triangulation,” a mod that allows marked foes to stay marked as long as stealth is active, are great choices if you want to remain undetected. There are a ton of mods, so look at them ASAP and spend your Activity Tokens and Tech Parts on them when you can.

Complete side activities to earn lots of Activity Tokens

Early on, Miles and Ganke develop the Friendly Neighborhood app, giving the citizens of New York a way to contact Spider-Man in the event of trouble. To view your requests, swipe left on your DualSense’s touchpad. Here, you’ll see all the side missions that are available and how many Activity Tokens they’ll grant you upon completion. Getting through these missions is an efficient way to earn Activity Tokens, as most will reward you with at least eight and can be racked up quickly — far faster than simply finishing petty crime missions. Plus, you get a really cool reward for finishing them all, so make sure you do that!

Remember, some skills are only available in New Game+

In Miles Morales, you’ll need to move onto New Game+ if you plan on unlocking everything the game has to offer. There are three skills — one from each of the main categories that can only be unlocked once you get to New Game+. The skills are “Let’s Go!,” “Bio-Electric Instincts,” and “Unseen Force,” from the Combat, Venom, and Camouflage skill categories, respectively.

Along with that, each of your four gadgets have one upgrade that is only obtainable in New Game+, so don’t plan on gaining access to them in just one playthrough. Finally, the Spider-Training suit is also locked behind New Game+. Your character’s level is capped at 20 during your first run, too — so you’ll need to begin NG+ to get to level 30.

Here’s how to utilize the Spider-Verse aesthetic

Upon reaching level 13 and earning 18 Activity Tokens and four Tech Parts, you can purchase the Animated suit. Doing so will give you the famous suit from the beloved Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film. You might’ve seen other players posting videos of an animated aesthetic, featuring 24 frames-per-second visuals, along with comic book text bubbles that appear when you smack enemies. Simply wearing the suit doesn’t give you these aesthetics, but we’ll show you how to access them.

To unlock the animated aesthetics, you’ll need to equip two mods that are unlocked when you purchase the suit. The first is the “Bam! Pow! Wham!” visor mod. This will give you various comic book text bubbles when you attack enemies, which makes for a really cool and stylized theme. Then, equip the “Vibe the Verse” suit mod to give the game that classic, 24 fps animated feel — just like in the movie!

Fast-travel works well, but if you use it, you’ll miss episodes of the Danikast

Around partway through the game, you unlock the ability to fast-travel. While utilizing the fast-travel system might be tempting (especially with the PS5’s non-existent load times), we advise against it. Aside from the fact that swinging is one of the game’s highlights, you also miss out on podcasts if you opt to take the train. There are two podcasts: JJJ’s podcast and the Danikast — both of which are absolutely worth listening to.

The Danikast in particular is funny and features a well-informed host who — as you progress through the game — will give you news based on events that have just unfolded. It’s a great replacement for music that would play in a car and since you can’t drive in this game, swinging around while listening to a podcast is an ideal way to pass the time. Though, if you do decide to fast-travel, it works insanely fast on PS5.

Certain Underground Caches are only available during Roxxon Lab and Underground Hideout missions

Once you unlock Underground Caches on your map, you’ll find that some of them cannot be marked. These are the Caches that are found within Roxxon Labs and Underground Hideout missions. So, don’t wrack your brain trying to find these collectibles without starting the nearby mission. You’ll know the Underground Cache is part of a mission if it’s located right next to a mission icon. For example, the Cache by the Roxxon Lab — West mission in Hell’s Kitchen can only be obtained if you start that activity and is found within the base. Once you’re within the mission itself, make sure you scan the environment by pressing R3. This will highlight the cache for you.

Use these combat tips to steamroll the competition

When you aren’t swinging around or enjoying the game’s story, the bread and butter of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is its fast and fluid combat. Fighting bad guys is surprisingly challenging and nuanced, so use these tips to come out ahead.

Take out as many enemies as possible stealthily before you engage

In many cases, Miles will infiltrate a base full of enemies who are unaware of his presence. Use this to your advantage by taking out as many foes as you can while remaining undetected. If you have to engage, try to prioritize the deadlier foes — like those with huge weapons — and eliminate them stealthily before you begin hand-to-hand combat. Use the environment and your gadgets to your advantage, and remember to cloak yourself if you think you might be seen. The stealth mechanics are almost as fun as the actual combat, so don’t miss out!

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Focus on disarming enemies

When you do have to engage, you should make it a point to disarm your opponents first. This will make your life easier when trying to maintain a high combo or if you simply want to clear out the enemies quickly. To do so, hold the Triangle button, and you’ll web up an enemy’s weapon and pull it away from them. The enemies with guns, rocket launchers, and shields will be a nuisance if you don’t disarm them, but you’ll be fine if you make this a priority.

Take advantage of invulnerability frames when using finishers

During the heat of battle, things can start to get tough. To make your life easier, always have a Finisher available to get you out of trouble. The game makes you invulnerable while using a Finisher (or Venom Strike), so if you’re about to get hit, quickly press Circle + Triangle to begin the animation. This will prevent you from taking damage and will boost your combo so you can heal. Remember, Venom Strikes work the same and you can earn them by attacking or dodging.

Upgrade your Venom uses to have more during combat

Speaking of Venom Strikes, you can upgrade its effectiveness from the Skills menu. Definitely go out of your way to upgrade these skills, as they will give you a tremendous leg-up during combat. Eventually, you’ll unlock the ability to have multiple Venom Strike uses — giving you more than just one bar to fill up.

Use the environment to your advantage

Certain enemies are pretty tough, but typically the objects that surround you can make a huge difference if used properly. We recommend to web up anything you find, like boxes, fire extinguishers, and other items that deal high damage. If you’re having trouble connecting with an attack, try throwing an object at an enemy to stun them for a few moments — allowing you to strike. You can also swing the objects around, which will knock down any nearby enemies — a great tactic for damaging several foes at once.

Tips for using the photo mode

One of the best features of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is its robust photo mode. When you dive into it, you’ll find a slew of options and ways to customize your photo. One thing we learned is that lighting makes all the difference in the world. By pressing Square, you’ll enter the Light Mode, and you’ll be able to manipulate the light in the scene — from its color to intensity and position.

Depending on the shot you’re going for, you might also want to take a look at the various frame selections available. There are lots to choose from, like a newspaper frame and even one where Spider-Man seems to be viewing the scene on his phone. We also really like the personal touch of the selfie Camera Type, which is available in the Camera settings from within the photo mode. Also, don’t forget to change the time of day by going into Settings > Game > Time of Day. This will allow you to personalize the visual aesthetic even further. And don’t forget to hide your UI by pressing Triangle from within photo mode before grabbing the shot!

Photos from the community

Finally, let’s swing through some of the beautiful shots from the community. It’s incredible to see such stunning images that are all created by using the game’s photo mode, so let’s give some of the best photos a shoutout here!

Emilli (Twitter: @ Emilli96) Kate (Twitter: @kaytanaa) Jono Pech — Host of Puttin’ In Work Podcast George Foster, writer for RPG Site Josh Silverman, PR Account Coordinator at Stride PR Christian, co-host of Big Sweert podcast James Smith Brian Byrley George Kneibert, EiC of Alpha Nerds Guild Conner Ewing, co-host of NPC Tonight podcast Gamer Graham618

Spider-Man: Miles Morales beginner’s guide: 7 tips for new and returning web slingers

How to start your new Spider-journey off right

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Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an excellent sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man. While Miles’ tale is shorter and less involved than Peter Parker’s, we still learned quite a few lessons. In this Spider-Man: Miles Morales beginner’s guide, we’ve assembled our seven best tips to help with your first few hours of developer Insomniac’s PS4 and PS5 game.

Venom attacks are your best abilities

Miles’ Venom attacks give him a big advantage over most enemies Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Miles doesn’t have nearly the repertoire of gadgets that Peter Parker does, nor does he have an ever-charging super ability. Instead, Miles has his own set of tools. The first and most powerful of those are Miles’ Venom attacks (not to be confused with the Symbiote possessing Eddie Brock).

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you activate Venom attacks by holding L1 and hitting a face button. They’re easy to forget, which means you’ll end up sitting on a bunch of Venom energy. But you don’t want to sit on that Venom energy, because the abilities are extremely useful.

Venom Smash is one of the first you’ll pick up, and it lets you deal a ton of damage and stun all nearby enemies. The Venom Jump ability — which lets you launch all nearby enemies into the air — is incredible for aerial combat and juggling. These are your bread-and-butter Venom skills, and they each have so many use cases.

Combat is significantly harder without using your Venom abilities, so be sure to spend that energy as it comes in.

Do your Spider-Training ASAP for some sweet abilities

Early on in the story, Peter Parker will ask you to attend some holographic training. Once you finish the associated story mission, you’ll unlock more Spider-Training around the map. Make these a priority.

These missions serve as good tutorials for Miles’ skills, but they also unlock exclusive abilities on your first completion — useful tools like Payback, which lets you instantly use a Takedown on an enemy if you Perfect Dodge their ranged attack. To get that, all you need to do is complete the Combat Challenge 2.0 training with an Amazing (bronze) rating.

You can repeat these challenges again for more Activity TokensSpider-Man: Miles Morales’ currency for purchasing new Spider suits and upgrades — but don’t spend too much time trying to max out your rank until after you’ve leveled up and gotten some upgrades. That makes getting higher ratings much easier.

3 Spider-Training tips for Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Here are our best tips to help you figure out when to tackle these challenges and go for the gold.

Push through the story first

You’ll get to spend some non-Spidey time with Miles during the campaign Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Miles Morales has 15 story missions, and you’ll get a new piece of equipment or unlock a new side activity after most of them. Focus on the story first and wander around the city helping people second. This way, you can really maximize your time by grabbing everything in a district during one trip.

Think about it this way: If you were playing in a real sandbox and needed to go to the store to get new toys, would you want to do a bunch of quick stops at the store or one big one? We’d opt for the latter. Plus the campaign isn’t terribly long, and you’ll come out the other side with a ton of new toys to play with.

Stop crimes at your leisure

If you want to unlock new suits and new gear items in Miles Morales, you’ll need Activity Tokens and Tech Tokens. You get Tech Tokens from certain collectibles and Activity Tokens for completing activities. This includes active crimes that randomly appear on the map. But unlike in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you don’t need to complete all the crimes in a district to finish that area.

Thanks to the FNSM app on Miles’ phone, you can actually select the type of crime scenario you want to play. The game will then direct you toward the crime of your choosing, and you can earn Activity Tokens that way. If you’re in a hurry and see a crime pop up, feel free to move on and catch up with your phone later.

Camouflage is an offensive and defensive tool

You can punch them even if they can’t see you coming Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

During one of the first big missions, you’ll unlock Miles’ second unique tool: camouflage. Camouflage renders Miles invisible, letting you escape or go in for the attack.

This is both an offensive and defensive tool, and it can be hard to get used to if you’re not much of a stealth player. Sure, you can use stealth to cover your butt while you scramble back into the shadows, but it’s also a great tool for a surprise attack.

You can also use camouflage to disrupt the flow of combat. If an enemy with a shield comes in to attack, use your invisibility to disarm them safely before going in for the kill (or bone-shattering knockout, thanks to the Spider-code of no killing). When used properly, you can dance around the battlefield and set up some devastating combos.

When you get camouflage, play around with it in all kinds of scenarios. It’s very flexible, so you’ll eventually find a play style that works for you.

Scan often and everywhere

Miles Morales has some collectible items hidden behind walls or crates — and some random opportunities to get Tech Tokens mid-mission if you’re paying attention. There are also some hidden Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophies for finding special locations that are easy to miss. You could find all of these things with the naked eye, or you could scan.

Like in Marvel’s Spider-Man, press R3 to send out a pulse. This will highlight your missions objective or help you find something you can interact with nearby. It’ll also highlight enemy targets. But you can also use it to find stuff you didn’t know was there, like your dad’s gravestone or a giant memorial statue of Stan Lee.

As you’re exploring around the city, hit that scan button whenever you think about it.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophies guide

A list of all 50 Miles Morales Trophies and their descriptions. Like the first game, there are some tricky Trophies here, and we’ve linked to our guides on ones where you may need some help.

Stealth is a viable option during base attacks

If you played Marvel’s Spider-Man as a stealth player, you were probably annoyed when your super stealthy attempts at base missions inevitably ended in several waves of combat — we certainly were! But Miles Morales works differently.

While you’re attacking a base, you can either go in with full combat or take a stealthy approach. If you alert the guards, they’ll call in some backup, and you’ll have a real battle on your hands. But if you manage to pick off all of the guards before they notice you, the encounter will end without a single reinforcement.

If you played the first game and swore off stealth, try it again in Miles Morales.

Детальный Гарлем, расширенные возможности стелса, костюм с котом и другое — много новых подробностей о Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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    • События происходят через год после завершения первой Spider-Man — Майлзу 17 лет. Игра позиционируется как настоящее продолжение, которое, по всей видимости, задаст почву для того, что будет дальше — это не побочная история. При этом в плане продолжительности новая часть немного короче, чем оригинал, но это без учета сайд-квестов. Появятся как новые, так и знакомые персонажи.
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    • Вся последовательность и отдельные моменты выглядят более масштабно и безумно, чем в первой игре. Опыт с первым «Человеком-пауком» позволил Insomniac Games добавить в продолжение больше сумасшедшего экшена и кульминационных сцен.


    • Beginner Suit — самодельный костюм Майлза, похожий на тот, что был в мультфильме «Человек-паук: Через вселенные»;
    • Gift Suit — костюм подарен Майлзу, он не технологичен и выглядит мешковато;
    • Iconic Suit — стандартный костюм, демонстрирующийся на всех промо-материалах;
    • T.R.A.C.K. Suit — один из DLC-костюмов, белый с красным пауком;
    • Cat Suit — костюм, в рюкзаке которого будет сидеть кот и добивать противников вместе с Майлзом;
    • 2020 Suit — костюм c обложки 13 выпуска комикса Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018).

    Боевая система:

    • Нажатие L1 накапливает заряженный веном-удар, который оглушает врагов и делает их в таком состоянии более уязвимыми, а удерживание L1 дает особые приемы на атакующие кнопки. При этом веном не безграничен и работает так же, как шкала фокусировки у Питера;
    • Зарядка веном-удара ощущается через тактильную отдачу DualSense, перетекающую из левой части контроллера в правую с вибрированием во время атаки.
    • У Майлза есть свои собственные гаджеты, и они используются так же, как в первой игре. Кроме того, теперь можно выполнять скрытные добивания с потолка и стен;
    • Если Майлз выдаст себя, он может активировать стелс-маскировку, что напугает противников. Тога они начнут хаотично стрелять в воздух и пытаться сбить его гранатами. В то же время некоторые враги способны засекать Майлза, даже когда он невидим.

    Раскачивание на паутине:

    • В целом то же самое, что и в первой игре, но в распоряжении Майлза имеется больше разных трюков, вдохновленных приемами скайдайвинга, которые он может исполнять, раскачиваясь на паутине, чтобы заработать опыт.
    • При выстреле паутиной ощущается небольшая вибрация, а курки начинают усиливать напряжение по мере достижения конца раскачки.

    Открытый мир:

    • Нью-Йорк поделен на районы, как в первой игре, в каждом из которых можно выполнять активности и останавливать правонарушения. Преступления будут новыми, но парочка вернется из первой игры, при этом разработчики полностью отказались от лабораторий с головоломками.


    • Одним из хобби Майлза является микширование, в связи с чем один из коллекционных предметов в игре связан с музыкой и, возможно, имеет отношение к сэмплированию.
    • В игре будут представлены оригинальные, а также лицензированные треки Kid Cudi, Jaden Smith и других исполнителей;

    Другие детали:

    • Гарлем стал насколько проработанным, буквально заставляя остановиться и просто оглядеться вокруг, чтобы погрузиться во всю эту атмосферу. Несмотря на то, что район остался такого же размеры, разработчики значительно увеличили его детализацию и сделали более живым.
    • Раскачивания на паутине у Майлза не такое уверенное, как у Питера. Его тело как бы дергается и он меньше контролирует руки и ноги. Движения чем-то напоминают «вертолетные».
    • В игре появятся и другие злодеи, кроме упомянутого выше Носорога, например, Тинкерер, но их будет меньше, чем в первой игры.
    • Полицейский сканер из оригинальной игры заменен на приложение «Дружелюбный сосед Паук», созданное Ганке Ли, которое связывает все районы города и информирует Майлза о деятельности и преступлениях, происходящих в настоящее время. Программа запускается свайпом влево по тачпаду, показывая все действующие активности и преступления с телефона Майлза, не заходя в меню.
    • Майлз — единственный играбельный персонаж;
    • Оригинальная Spider-Man получила после релиза три сюжетных главы в дополнении The City That Never Sleeps, однако Insomniac Games пока не говорит, будут ли DLC у Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

    Релиз проекта состоится 12-го ноября на PlayStation 4 и 19-го ноября на PlayStation 5.

    Добавляйтесь в наш Telegram-канал по ссылке или ищите его вручную в поиске по названию gmradost. Там мы публикуем в том числе и то, что не попадает в новостную ленту. Также подписывайтесь на нас в Яндекс.Дзене, Twitter и VK. И не забывайте, что у нас появились тёмная тема и лента вместо плиток.

    Подписывайтесь на наш Telegram канал, там мы публикуем то, что не попадает в новостную ленту, и следите за нами в сети:

    How To “Ultimate” Every Challenge in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales offers a variety of side content to do when not focused on the story. One piece is the nine challenges that offer much needed upgrades for Miles. Here is how to get the Ultimate ranking in every challenge.

    Miles Morales is the new rookie in town and veteran Spider-Man Peter Parker needs to whip him into shape. Instead of hitting the gym, Peter sets up nine challenges to train Miles in the art of being New York’s web-slinger. Three are for traversal challenges; three are for combat; and three for stealth missions. Each test gives Miles a useful skill, regardless of completion ranking. So, to save time on redoing perfect runs, complete the challenge first. Then, go back for the Ultimate reward with your new skill that will make the challenge easier. All of the videos below were done on Spectacular difficulty with using little to no tech items.

    Combat 1.0

    Ultimate Objective: Get 50 hits with spinning objects within 1 minute

    Reward: Spin Cycle skill

    The trick here is to keep enemies within close proximity of one another. Dodge when prompted and avoid doing combos since the objective is to get 50 hits from swinging objects alone.

    Combat 2.0

    Ultimate Objective: Defeat 20 enemies without getting hit

    Reward: Payback skill

    Prioritize the gun-wielding hologram dummies. The ones with pistols fire gunshots with little time for you to respond, so use special moves or Venom Punch to deal with them quickly. In this mission, it is a good idea to practice the timing for perfect dodge.

    Combat 3.0

    Ultimate Objective: Get 10 Air KOs within 1 minute

    Reward: Air Marshal skill

    In Combat 1.0, I found a nice rhythm after the initial combo to get things going: Air Launch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Venom Punch. Anytime you are going to use a combat special KO, launch the enemy first then jump to make it count as an air KO. Be careful with zipping towards enemies with clubs, bats or pipes. They will counter you, so press the dodge button after zipping towards them to slide under them.

    Stealth 1.0

    Ultimate Objective: Defeat enemies without being seen within 2 minutes

    Reward: Silent Step skill

    Stealth missions may take the bulk of your time since you will need to be aware of enemy placement. There are also 2 kinds of stealth takedowns: one that’s rougher and creates noise (triangle button) and a silent takedown (square button). Use your web-shooters to distract enemies.

    Stealth 2.0

    Ultimate Objective: Rescue hostages without being seen within 1 minute and 30 seconds

    Reward: Scare Tactics skill

    Again, use your web-shooters to distract enemies and have them walk towards a spot where you can stealth attack them. For this one, press L2, then R2 to zip towards your aimed spot for better accuracy when zipping.

    Stealth 3.0

    Ultimate Objective: Disarm 3 bombs within 1 minute and 30 seconds

    Reward: Surprise Attack skill

    Probably the most time-inducing trial to perfect… The double sniper dummies make this one a doozy. But, web-shooters will be your best friend here. DO NOT try to take out one sniper without distracting the other. The opposite dummy will spot you and you will fail. Also, make sure you are ON the boat to disarm the bomb on it.

    Traversal 1.0

    Ultimate Objective: Speed through the hologram checkpoints within 30 seconds

    Reward: Point Launch Boost skill

    Obtaining the Point Launch Boost skill will make this test 100x easier. So beat the challenge once, get the skill, then go back for the Ultimate rank.

    Traversal 2.0

    Ultimate Objective: Speed through the hologram checkpoints within 32 seconds

    Reward: Quick Recovery skill

    Pro tip: Don’t wall run. Use Miles’ swinging speed and keep the momentum going. Your worst enemy is going to be wall running up the building since Miles doesn’t move sideways fast enough.

    Traversal 3.0

    Ultimate Objective: Speed through the hologram checkpoints within 45 seconds

    Reward: Quick Zip skill

    A good tip for Traversal 3.0 is to keep your eyes focused on the next hologram checkpoint. This involves moving the camera quite a bit. Just keep the momentum and speed consistent to reach the final marker.

    Completing all of the Spidey-trials will net you some sweet Activity tokens for Miles Morales. Activity tokens can be used on buying new tech or suits and upgrading them, so be sure to earn as much as you can!


    Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – 10 essential tips & tricks

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – 15 Beginners Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind




    How To “Ultimate” Every Challenge in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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