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Playerless: One Button Adventure Windows, iOS, Android, XBOX, PS4, Switch game

Playerless: One Button Adventure

An adventure game that takes place inside another video game. As we play Playerless: One Button Adventure, we take control of a self-aware repair unit to deal with the problems that plague the virtual world.

Playerless: One Button Adventure Release Date

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Playerless: One Button Adventure is an adventure game enriched with numerous elements taken from logical games, developed by an independent Polish studio called Moonlit, comprising developers whose portfolio includes Deadliest Catch: The Game.

Playerless: One Button Adventure takes players to the world inside a video game that has been abandoned by both the player and its creators. Neutral characters created for the game finally began to «live their own lives», which reaulted in real chaos; on top of that, when the adventure begins, a critical error breaks into the game spoiling particular elements of the game.

The main protagonist is a conscious repair unitcreated to help the authors to deal with the problems afflicting their work. During the game, playrs have to manage the activities of their client in order to enable him to restore order in the virtual world.


In Playerless: One Button Adventure the action is shown from the top-down perspective. The game consists of a series of levels in which players solve various logical puzzles. Although the initial challenges do not pose major problems (for example, one of them is to remove the rubber duck from the generator modes), over time they become more and more complex. In addition, the protagonist encounters other characters on his way, with whom he can interact.

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The production features extremely simple controls — player operates with only one button (or in the case of the mobile version — with a single finger). The story carries also a solid dose of specific humour; the authors often break the «fourth wall», and the hero is not only able to turn directly to the player, but also performs selected actions on his own (if it comes to his mind).

Technical aspects

Playerless: One Button Adventure has simple yet eye-catching visuals maintained in cartoon-like style.



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