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No Man’s Sky Base Building (Beyond Update 2019)

No Man’s Sky: Beyond Guide – How To Build And Power Your Base In VR

No Man’s Sky is a massive game and playing it in VR after the Beyond update is an immense undertaking. Let us help you out a bit with this guide on how to build and power your base.

One of the new features added in the Beyond Update for No Man’s Sky is the need to power some of the larger pieces of your base. Things like base computers, portable refineries, and wooden structures in general don’t need power still, but if you want to get that teleporter up and running or turn the lights on then you’re gonna need some electricity.

For this guide we’ll cover the basics of base building, how to get started, where to find new blueprints, what the game mechanics of building bases in VR are like, and importantly, how to power your latest and most beautiful creations.

Before Building Bases

If you follow the main quest line in No Man’s Sky, then you’ll gradually learn how to build simple bases and what the different core pieces of equipment do. For example, if you have a warp drive installed on your ship and can travel to new star systems already, then you’e more or less out of the early tutorial section and likely have a simple home established on your starting planet.

Early on you’ll learn blueprints (basically crafting recipes) for things like wood floors, wood walls, wood roofs, a base computer, and specialist terminals. I’m not going to cover that stuff specifically, as I’ll assume you’ve at least gotten that far if you’re interested in building larger bases. If not, I recommend you at least finish those early tutorial missions first and foremost.

Base Building Basics in No Man’s Sky VR

Now the most important part of building a base in No Man’s Sky is planning and preparation. If you have an idea in your head of what you want to make and what you need to make it, then you can start stockpiling resources while you finish any preliminary steps ahead of time.

And while you do that, keep an eye out for Buried Technology on planets. When you use your Analysis Visor (holding your hand up to the side of your head and press the grab button on Rift S) you’ll see long-range icons of points of interest. Buried Technology modules look like a WiFi signal. Dig these up using the Terrain Modifier Multi-Tool attachment and you’ll get Salvaged Data, usually between 1-4 in each buried module. Save these up and use them to buy new blueprints.

For example, if you want to make a classical sci-fi base that looks like this one I just started or this one we built into the side of a mountain with circular rooms then you’ll need lots of prefab blueprints. Or, you can stock up and research a bunch of wooden or concrete or other blueprints to get more freeform with it all.

The No Man’s Sky wiki is a great resource to check before going into VR so you can plan ahead of time.

Generally speaking though, in order for the game to recognize something as a “base” all you need to do is build a base computer, that’s it. When you make a base computer the game will register the location as one of your bases, let you teleport there, and saves the icon on your map and compass to easily locate again. Anything you build around that base computer is considered part of your base.

From there you can do just about whatever you’d like. I usually start by making a large cylindrical room from the top of the prefab list because I like how it looks. From there I connect corridors to make other rooms and stick a door on the front so I can enter and exit.

You can build your base however like. What works well for me, something Kyle Riesenbeck, our Operations Manager, showed me when we were playing, is to informally designate themes for rooms in your base. So in the first big room I put my refineries, save beacon, research station for new blueprints, etc. Then I go through a corridor and setup my specialty terminals with the NPCs I’ve hired, sort of like the heart of my base. From there I’ll make another branch to install a teleporter, maybe setup a garden in another room or in an enclosure outside. You can get really creative with what you do.

How To Supply Power To Your Base In No Man’s Sky VR

But the more you build and add to your base the more you need power. The need for power is a new feature in the Beyond Update for No Man’s Sky and it’s a bit more daunting in perception than it is in reality.

Not everything requires power. For example, all portable technologies (the base computer, portable refinery, etc) all run on their own without external power sources. However, storage units, teleporters, and many other advanced parts require power. There are two fundamental ways you can power technology in No Man’s Sky: a Biofuel Reactor or the combination of Solar Panels and Batteries.

For long-term self-sustaining power the Solar Panels and Batteries are your best bet, but it’s nice to have a Biofuel Reactor handy as well just in case. I’ll talk about the differences next.

Biofuel Reactor in No Man’s Sky VR

The first power blueprint you’ll have an access to in No Man’s Sky is the Biofuel Reactor. It’s…okay. The downside here is that it needs a constant stream of fuel, such as Condensed Carbon, like a gas tank. So you can’t just set it up and forget it.

I’d recommend skipping this phase and going straight to solar panels and batteries even though it will take longer to setup. Then you can make a biofuel reactor to have on standby in case you need more panels and batteries later on but don’t have the resources and just need to quickly access a storage unit or use your teleporter.

Scroll down to running electrical wires for power for more details on actually connecting power units to your base.

Solar Panels and Batteries in No Man’s Sky VR

Renewable energy is the future and present in No Man’s Sky. You can set up solar panels anywhere you want — even inside your base — and they’ll create power. It’s kind of silly, but it’s true, unless it gets patched to require them to be outside. However, it does need to be daytime for them to accrue power — they’ll shut off at night.

What you then have to do is connect those solar panels to batteries that can store the excess energy for nighttime that was not used up during the daytime. The more technology you’ve installed in your base, the more energy you need.

Another Method: Electromagnetic Generators

The final method of powering a base that we’ve discovered so far is the use of Electromagnetic Generators. You should be able to upgrade your Analysis Visor at the Space Anomaly using Nanites to add on the ability to scan for electromagnetic field energy sources.

Then you build and place these Electromagnetic Generators at the specific location and they’ll constantly supply a dedicated amount of energy. By building multiple on the same location, you can amplify your energy. From there all you’ve got to do is run Electrical Wires to your base and you should be up and running. Note that they’re quite expensive to create, so you’re better off focusing on solar panels and batteries initially.

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In the image above, you can see the Generators are placed underwater at the base of the field.

The Tricky Part: Running Electrical Wires For Power

Having to run electrical wires across your base is easily the trickiest part of setting up in No Man’s Sky. Luckily, Electrical Wires are a free blueprint that cost zero resources to craft so you have infinite access to them at all times.

The trick to understanding what to connect where is to know what needs power and what doesn’t. Remember how I said I like the way prefab buildings look? Well the other benefit is that they have power connections on the exterior. And anything that is correctly installed inside the base (aka it locks into place correctly) will receive power if the base itself has power connected. This means you could set up a bank of solar panels outside your base, connect them all together, and then run a single wire to the base exterior outlet and have it power everything inside.

Wires can be extended from socket to socket, but you can also stop part way through to create a junction if you want to branch the wire or have it turn towards a new direction rather than stringing across your entire space.

This is the way to go, in my opinion. But you have other options as well.

For example, if you’re not using Prefab buildings then you can place a Power Transformer on the outside of your building then it will power what’s inside. Switches can be used to connect things with Electrical Wires this way.

And that just about sums it up for building and powering a base in No Man’s Sky. Let us know if you have any questions and if you want to see a video walkthrough of all this, we may make that happen as well.

Editor’s Note: After publication we added a section on Electromagnetic Generators.

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Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building

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About this mod

★ FULLY MP compatible, updated for NMS Emergence 3.73, and LUA scripted for easy updating and merging ★ this mod adds an extreme degree of freedom to the vanilla base-building options

Credits and distribution permission

  • Other user’s assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder’s resources
  • Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances
  • Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it
  • Conversion permission You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances
  • Asset use permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets

Author notes

This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

File credits

This author has not credited anyone else in this file

Donation Points system

This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points

Version 3.73

  • Updated to 3.73. Some minor changes to the LUA for compatibility with AMUMSS 3.9.5.X+ syntax checking

Both straight donations and premium membership donations accepted

  • Donate
  • Donate premium membership

What is this Mod?
There are now over 400 buildable base parts in No Man’s Sky! It’s a dream come true!
This mod adds an extreme degree of freedom to the vanilla base-building options.

It is fully compatible with multiplayer, co-op building, uploading, etc, because it does not add any parts, which would cause issues in multiplayer.

★ Beyond Basebuilding is fully Lua scripted, with script provided for easy updating and merging and carries over all of the official updates and improvements offered by Hello Games plus:

  • All parts can be Rotated along all 3 axes (/! not working until HG adds back the missing rotation axes)
  • All parts can be Scaled except prefab building parts, Exocraft Geobays, Mineral/Gas Extractors and Base Computer (Door attachment points bug out when scaled, and issues persist with scaled base computers and geobays)
  • All parts can be built in a Freighter except the Base Computer, Industrial Mining parts, Vehicle Summoners and planet-based teleporter
  • All parts can be built at a Planetary Base except the freighter teleporter and the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser
  • All parts can be built above and below water
  • All parts can change color and material
  • All parts can be deleted without also deleting attached objects except Decals and Posters
  • No build-count limits except for parts related to resources harvesting, certain terminals, beacons and message capsules
  • Unlimited Storage Containers —*This does not increase actual storage amounts: Each numbered container acts as an index to the store rather than a physical box
  • Foundation, Pavings and Communications Station can be placed anywhere (not only on bare terrain)

The mod changelog can be read in the documentation tab moving forward.

Modified Files

Is this Mod up-to-date?
Any mod files which are not hidden or demoted to the «Old Files» area can be expected to work.
All uploaded files (on the Files page) are maintained with their packing date and version of the MBINCompiler used to pack it. Older mod versions, no longer compatible with the current version of No Man’s Sky will be demoted to the «Old Files» subsection, but will remain available for download. There are no side-effects to using this mod.

How to update, tweak, combine, or patch the mod with AMUMSS?
As this mod is now Lua scripted, you can easily update, tweak or merge the mod yourself (if a game update breaks this PAK of the mod, or you have other PAK or Lua mods that could conflict with this one). —*Click on the spoiler below for more

Notes on AMUMSS:
AMUMSS tries to update MBINcompiler automatically. If it fails to convert EXML/MBIN files, its likely due to a very recent NMS version update and MBINcompiler is awaiting an update too.
If so, I highly recommend you to disable your mods and wait for MBINCompiler to be updated (it’s pretty quick in general).

Updating the mod after a game update:

  • Download AMUMSS, and extract it locally, avoid placing the AMUMSS folder in a path with special characters or in a system folder like «C:Program Files (x86)(. )» .
  • Place the mod Lua script (only the .LUA file, not the .PAK file) in the ModScript folder of AMUMSS.
  • AMUMSS will normally auto-detect the NMS installation folder, but you can also manually edit the path in the NMS_FOLDER.txt file.
  • Launch BUILDMOD.bat in the root of the AMUMSS folder and follow the steps, selecting the option to automatically install it in the NMS MODS folder.
  • A new modded PAK file will be created, using the last update of the MBIN game files duly amended by the script.

Most of the time simply recompiling the mod using the Lua script will make it compatible again. Use the latest script to ensure you adopt any mod adjustments to accommodate the latest NMS build. There are two main causes of mods not correctly updating with this method:
1) MBINCompiler needs an update to be able to decompile the latest version of the game MBIN files.
2) Structural changes have been made to the MBIN files called by this Lua script. Whilst unlikely, this will require some script rewrite and other mods are likely affected.

Tweaking the mod:

Use the same process as described in Updating the mod .
Just modify the script as you want before recompiling it. Look at the top of my scripts, you can generally edit modifiers there, or even disable/enable some features very easily.

*Notepad++ or VSCode are generally recommended to read EXML and Lua files, due to large file support and automatic highlighting. The Compare plugin for Notepad++, and Lua is also a must-have to highlight file differences.

Combining mods that provide Lua scripts:

You’ll want to do this if multiple mods affect the same MBIN file.

  • Place all the scripts in the ModScript folder of AMUMSS.
  • Launch BUILDMOD.bat in the root folder of AMUMSS.
  • Follow the step, selecting that you want to combine all the scripts into one PAK file, and the option to automatically install it in the NMS MODS folder.
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AMUMSS will output a PAK file that will contain the modifications of all the scripts.
*If the scripts modify the exact same values in the MBIN file, the last loaded script will overwrite the preceding script values.

Patch in the mod to make it compatible with other PAK files:

You will want to do this if another mods isn’t Lua scripted, and affects the same MBIN file as the Lua scripted mod.

It will work when :
Case 1) you patch a Lua scripted mod for only one other PAK.
Case 2) you patch a Lua scripted mod for several other PAKs, but only if the other PAKs don’t modify the same MBIN files between them.

How to create a patched PAK:

  • Copy the script and the other mod(s) PAK(s) in the ModScript folder of AMUMSS.
  • Launch BUILDMOD.bat in the root folder of AMUMSS, and follow the steps, selecting the option to automatically install it in the NMS MODS folder.
  • The new PAK file will contain all the Lua script modifications, and a compatibility patch for the other mod(s) PAK(s).
  • Rename it something like «__zzz Scripted Mod Name -Patched For- The Other Mod Name.pak» . «__zzz» prefix is to ensure that it’ll be loaded after the mod(s) it was patched for (for NMS loading order, underscore «_» came after every other characters).
  • Remove the original scripted mod PAK from the MODS folder, and copy both the new patched one, and the other mod(s) PAK(s), into it.

Be sure the mod PAK you want to create a compatibility patch for, is updated for the latest NMS version.
-> When AMUSS find an MBIN file affected by a script and by a PAK in the ModScript folder, it will take the MBIN file from the mod PAK over the original one of the game, and will apply to it the modifications listed in the script.
So, if the MBIN file of the mod PAK is not updated, the one in the resulting patched PAK won’t be either.

All the erroneous limitations in building are pretty silly, aren’t they? In making this mod, I paid specific attention to making sure I did not make changes that will invalidate the bases built with it from online play. Any base made with Beyond BaseBuilding will be fully viable and visible in online play, even when other players don’t have this mod! It does this by only editing placement rules while you are in the building editor and not modifying any of the actual base parts themselves.
We hope you enjoy the mod and naturally, your comments are most welcome. We can also be found on the No Man’s Sky Discord or reached directly at: Exosolar#5120 , or if its about the Lua script: NeptuneX3#8095 or s p a r k y#0536

Credits and Special Thanks!
Hello Games for making the wonderful, vast, and fun game, No Man’s Sky!
monkeyman192 for the MBINCompiler and his continued efforts to keep it up-to-date
Mjjstral & Wbertro for the AMUMSS script-based auto modbuilder/updater,
Tub0Crisco for the No Man’s Sky Mod Station A.K.A. NMSMS

Big thanks to all of you lovely people who offer donations! It is greatly appreciated, and will help Exosolar buy lunch as a busy and broke college student! 😀

And, of course, thanks to all of the other modders who make mods too, as we often inspect the work of other modders to learn how things are done: RangerDulann, Redmas, WoodyMontana, jasondude, Gumsk, Mjjstral, moddinaccount, Devilin Pixy, saa044, and others have all helped us learn to mod effectively! Without the above-mentioned, their mods and applications, we would be unable to make any mods at all!

«If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants»

No Man’s Sky «строю где хочу / Exosolar’s Base Building»

Установка чего угодно, где угодно, и как угодно.

Обновленный для 2.32 Living Ship, этот мод добавляет чрезвычайную степень свободы в обычные варианты базового строительства ванили.

Все сборные части переделаны против недопустимых положений
Все сборные детали могут вращаться по всем 3 осям
Все сборные детали можно масштабировать
Все детали могут быть встроены в грузовой корабль, за исключением базового компьютера
Все части можно построить над водой
Все части можно построить под водой
Все детали оставляют прикрепленные детали там, где они находятся при удалении.
Неограниченное количество украшений (по количеству сделанных)
Неограниченные Переключатели
Неограниченное Количество Скота Устройств Животного
Неограниченные Посадочные Площадки
Неограниченное Количество Торговых Терминалов
Неограниченные контейнеры для хранения (это не увеличивает фактическую копию хранилища — все «контейнеры 4», например, будут показывать один и тот же точный инвентарь и изменять инвентарь одним и тем же точным способом, потому что номера контейнеров больше похожи на индексный номер, а не на физическую коробку.
Неограниченные средние Рафинады, которые можно разместить в любом месте
Неограниченное Количество Крупных Переработчиков
Неограниченные жатки антивещества, которые можно разместить где угодно
Неограниченное количество газовых комбайнов, которые можно разместить в любом месте
Неограниченные кислородные комбайны, которые можно разместить где угодно
Неограниченные Настройки Символов
Неограниченные Части Ипподрома
Неограниченные » Игрушки»
Неограниченные Террариумы Все сборочные части могут изменять материал и цвет
Террариум и Аквариум могут быть размещены свободно Емкость биогенератора уменьшена до 500 для удобства не сбрасывать в него весь свой запас.
3 шара сообщений на планету / систему, которые также могут быть возвращены

Совместимость со всеми новыми частями, а именно с новыми базовыми подпорками и частями байтбита.

совместим со всеми модами

При создании этого мода я уделил особое внимание тому, чтобы не вносить изменения, которые сделают недействительными основанные на нем базы для онлайн-игры. Любая база, созданная Beyond Basebuilding, будет полностью жизнеспособной и видимой в онлайн-игре, даже если другие игроки не имеют этого мода! Он делает это только путем редактирования правил размещения, пока вы находитесь в редакторе здания, и не изменяете сами действительные базовые части. *Exosolar

No Man’s Sky: Beyond guide — everything new in the latest update

No Man’s Sky is set to receive its biggest and best update later this week, with an all-new VR experience, expanded base-building capabilities and a new social space to connect with other players.

Beyond consists of three key concepts: an incredible VR mode, a new multiplayer hub that supports up to 32-players at once and No Man’s Sky 2.0, which brings with a gargantuan amount of new activities and changes to systems.

The free update — yes, it really is free — releases on August 14, so there’s not long to wait before you can jump in and experience what essentially feels like a brand new game.

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No Man’s Sky: Beyond — VR support

The VR update supports PSVR, Oculus Touch and Valve Index Knuckles, which means players on all platforms can try out the new mode. You can choose to seamlessly teleport to new locations or manually fly your ship to new destinations.

New animations have been added for VR that make even the simple act of entering the cockpit, grabbing the throttle and taking off that much more exciting and akin to a flight sim.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond — Nexus hub and multiplayer missions

The online and multiplayer components of No Man’s Sky have been given a complete overhaul in Beyond, with the introduction of the new social hub, the Nexus. It’s similar to the Tower in Destiny 2 where you can interact with NPCs, shop for new gear and show off your creations to between 16 and 32 players.

There will also be featured bases, similar to the way The Block works in Fortnite, where the best of the community’s work will be shown off.

There are all-new multiplayer missions to complete, too, ranging from photography to archaeological digging. If you head to the community missions board and select a mission, every player who is currently in the Nexus with you will receive an invitation to join you.

Player connectivity has always been one of the key aims since No Man’s Sky released back in 2016 and this update finally brings that concept to life. There are multiplayer missions to suit every playstyle, from pacifist exploring to going on a 32-player bounty hunt across the galaxy.

There’s also no load time when entering the Nexus; you can fly straight there and every player around you is there in real-time. NPCs will also act differently after the Beyond update, and you’ll find them walking around the Nexus, on planets and other areas rather than staying static.

No Man’s Sky 2.0

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there were already enough changes happening in No Man’s Sky, but the addition of VR support and the Nexus are tiny compared to the 2.0 update.

Almost every system and concept in No Man’s Sky will be overhauled in Beyond. Base Building is set to change dramatically, with new farming possibilities, industrial building, the ability to use electricity to set up mini computers and more.

You can now tame, ride and milk the many wild animals found on land, and there are more cooking options should you want to eat your friends. You can build machinery like miners and extractors to help maintain a steady supply of resources, as well as build solar panels for your new base.

You’re also more likely to run into other players on planets, and new base building community missions mean you can team up with folks to make a cool new base without the need for badgering your friends in real life to help you.

You’ll also be able to walk, use your jetpack and swim in the third person, as well as warp and fight in-ship in the third person, too. Character customisation has also been improved, with even more choices and models to choose from to create your perfect explorer.

A new alien language system will also be available for those wanting to improve their lexicon, with NPCs offering new quests, including Guild envoy missions.

Subtle changes to animations have also been made, such as how you enter/ exit your ship, seeing your character in dialogue and when showing off emotes to other players. Another key change is character recognition of points of interest; your character will now automatically turn to look at a POI, rather than have you spin wildly trying to pinpoint it.

A new tutorial will be available to get you up to speed with some of the changes, particularly around the Nexus and new multiplayer content. Sadly, cross-play won’t be coming to No Man’s Sky in this update, but it hasn’t been ruled out for the future.

Whatever your playstyle, there should be a wealth of new content for you to explore and connect with other players like never before. I’m personally looking forward to hoarding animals and riding them around my soon-to-be space farm, but if you’re a glutton for missions and space battles, you’ll have plenty of freighter combat and bounty hunting to keep you occupied.

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No Man’s Sky: Beyond features enhanced base-building, farming and more

What you need to know

  • The No Man’s Sky: Beyond update is set to drop on August 14, 2019.
  • The «Third Pillar» of this update takes the game to 2.0, bringing several incredible new systems.
  • Some of these systems include farming, enhanced base-building, fully-functional computer logic and more.
  • No Man’s Sky is currently $40 on Amazon.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond is set to release in just a few days on August 14 and this update is one of the biggest yet. In addition to adding alien mounts, Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, has revealed that the «Third Pillar» of this update is bringing the game to version 2.0 with some pretty crazy enhancements.

Players will be able to grow crops and manage their own farms, customize their bases further and even mess around with functioning computer logic. You can listen to Sean Murray talk about these new features with IGN in the video below:

Using computer logic to power your very own creations or manage your base sounds incredible. With all these new features and things for players to do, No Man’s Sky at times seems hardly recognizable compared to the game that first launched in 2016. Hello Games has continued to do a phenomenal job updating and supporting No Man’s Sky and we’ll be sure to continue covering any more news for the game.


No Man’s Sky

Take to the stars

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious space exploration sim from Hello Games. With the most recent updates, you can catalogue uncharted life on foreign worlds, build a home base with your friends and more. The sky isn’t the limit anymore.

  • $40 at Amazon

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No Man’s Sky 2.0 Beyond

Официальный патчноут появился на сайте игры несколько часов назад. Он насчитывает больше 220 пунктов, среди которых огромное количество нововведений, а также исправлений и улучшений текущей игры. Что интересно, игра не требует рестарта после обновления – можно продолжить прогресс в обновлённой мультивселенной с текущего момента.

Виртуальная реальность

Теперь No Man’s Sky можно исследовать в виртуальной реальности без всяких компромиссов. Можно без задержек переключаться между VR и стандартным геймплеем. Теперь в кораблях и вездеходах присутствует полноценный вид от первого лица с возможностью рассмотреть кабину со всех сторон. В частности, полностью поддерживается PlayStation VR и Steam VR, а также моушн-контроллеры.

Добавлены специальные возможности для VR-игроков: поднятие растений и других вещей руками, физическое открытие кабин космического корабля и вездеходов, прямое управление кораблём с помощью VR-стика, удары руками по объектам с нанесением урона. Также внедрено специальное меню контроля мультитула, а также доступ к инвентарю через дисплей на запястье.

Расширенный мультиплеер

Мультиплеерные сессии теперь могут содержать больше игроков. Космическая аномалия может вместить до 16 игроков на всех платформах. В остальной же вселенной предел сессии был увеличен до 8 игроков на консолях и до 32 игроков на ПК.

Во время случайных встреч другие игроки теперь отображаются полными моделями персонажей, позволяя игрокам видеть персонажей и корабли друг друга.

Новый социальный хаб

Космическая аномалия Нада и Поло была переработана во внутриигровой хаб. Это место существует сквозь все системы и галактики, давая игрокам возможность видеть друг друга, встречать новых друзей, и брать совместные миссии. После первого взаимодействия с Аномалией можно будет самостоятельно призвать её в космосе.

Мощный телепорт Аномалии позволит легко просматривать и посещать базы друг друга напрямую со станции. Также он будет показывать избранные базы игроков, позволяя любому игроку увидеть лучшие базы во всей игровой вселенной.

Инопланетяне и NPC

Нада и Поло приютили у себя 12 новых друзей, у каждого из которых особая роль в игре. Инопланетянам в космопортах и на планетных базах добавлено более 60 новых диалогов, а все существующие были пересмотрены и доработаны. Инопланетяне имеют свои анимации, могут свободно передвигаться по базам и планетам, взаимодействовать с окружением и друг с другом, проявлять эмоции и отвечать на жесты игрока.

Изучение инопланетных языков было улучшено: теперь игрок может выбрать, слово из какой категории от желает изучить. В словари было добавлено более 700 новых слов, некоторые из которых изучаются в группах совместно со своими вариациями. Для костюма доступно улучшение – автопереводчик, позволяющий переводить небольшое число инопланетных слов.

Строительство баз

Теперь во время строительства доступен новый вид камеры, возможность летать на джетпаке, а также визуальные подсказки. Меню стало более интуитивным, улучшены категории и иерархия.

Добавлено огромное количество новых частей для строительства, включая технологические приспособления для добычи и переработки ресурсов. Некоторые части базы можно масштабировать и вращать более чем вокруг одной оси. Добавлена энергетическая составляющая: некоторые новые установки, а также часть старых, теперь требуют электричество – их можно соединять в энергосети вместе с новыми электростанциями. Кроме того, можно создавать логические схемы, реагирующие на происходящее в игре. Автономные установки будут продолжать работу в реальном времени, даже когда игра не запущена.

Оптимизация и графика

Игра в общем и целом была глубоко оптимизирована, что улучшит производительность во всех местах вселенной. В частности, игроки на слабых компьютерах получат ощутимый прирост фреймрейта. Кроме того, внедрена поддержка интегрированной графики Intel. Замена OpenGL на Vulkan также позволит повысить качество игры, особенно на видеокартах AMD и старых процессорах. Расширены внутриигровые графические опции, и большинство из них теперь можно изменять без перезагрузки игры. Шейдеры же теперь подгружаются по требованию, значительно уменьшая время загрузки.

Кроме всего вышеупомянутого, большую часть патчноута занимают обширные улучшения геймплея. Новые меню исследований и галактическая карта, технологическое дерево, новые интерактивные растения и животные, рецепты крафта и готовки, возможности приманить, оседлать и доить животных, доработка HUD и UI торговли, мультитулов и кораблей; перебалансировка размеров и скоростей кораблей, скорости добычи ресурсов и работы установок, спавна и реакций Стражей; нативная поддержка разнообразных контроллеров без необходимости стороннего софта, с несколькими официальными пресетами; даже возможность сидеть на стульях, – и ещё очень длинный список исправлений, улучшений и нововведений. С полным патчноутом можно ознакомиться на сайте игры.

А ниже – ещё немного скриншотов из обновления.


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