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Kingdom Rush: Vengeance review; A refreshingly evil spin on the series


Kingdom Rush: Vengeance review — A refreshingly evil spin on the series

Four years after Kingdom Rush: Origins, Ironhide Game Studio is back with the fourth installment in the Kingdom Rush series. In Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, the tables have turned, as you play as the evil resurrected wizard Vez’nan in his quest for revenge on the forces of good.

On the surface this might seem like a simple orc-and-goblin reskin of the four standard tower types fans of the series are familiar with: ranged, magic, artillery, and troops. However, the tower defense genre has evolved since finding a home on mobile devices, and Ironhide Game Studio has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep things fresh.

Is it enough to justify spending $5? Read on to find out!

Flipping the script

The first few minutes of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance set the scene for the rest of the game. The evil wizard Vez’nan is resurrected to find his castle turned into an amusement park for curious elves and dwarves. This kicks off a campaign to reconquer his land with the help of orcs, goblins, demons, skeletons, and other baddies.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance will feel familiar to fans of the series. This is a good thing, since tutorial essentially finishes halfway through the first stage. You start with the four tower archetypes, and unlock more as you progress through the game’s 17 levels.

Early stages are pretty short, with five to ten waves of enemies, increasing to 15 waves round halfway through the game. Combined with not having an option to speed up the action other than calling waves early, later levels feel long. It’s not a game you can pick up and play in short bursts. Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is a game you’ll want to sit down and play for at least 30 minutes at a time, which is unusual for a mobile game.

Games like Bloons TD 6 get around this with an autosave feature between waves. This was left out of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance — there isn’t even a pause between waves. Keep that in mind before you start playing so you don’t lose your progress.

Commanding the dark army

One of the features the Kingdom Rush series adds to the tower defense genre is its hero system. In addition to plopping down turrets in strategic locations, you need to move your hero around the map to slow down sudden surges of enemies.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance leans hard into this gameplay, which is far more interactive than similar titles. Halfway through any level a new path might open up in a spot where you haven’t built a single tower. Later, enemy heroes might shower arrows on your defenders at random intervals in the match. Clever use of your hero, spells, and items are the best way to survive these hectic situations.

Throughout the campaign you can unlock three heroes in total, with another six heroes locked behind a paywall. Each hero has their own abilities and ultimate (the third spell you can use), and they level up as they gain experience.

At no point is it necessary to pay for heroes, as usual for the series or the genre as a whole. Still, a paid game with in-app purchases might put off some users. This is only made worse by the decision to lock away a full two thirds of the game’s heroes behind $3 to $8 micro-transactions.

Unique tower customization

The biggest departure in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance from its predecessors is the upgrade paths for towers. Rather than four basic towers with upgrade paths that dramatically change their abilities halfway through a level, Vengeance opts for more basic towers with more linear upgrades.

In practice, this means your Shadow Archer tower is always a simple archer tower. This sounds lame until you unlock other towers that fulfill a similar role, like the boomerang wielding Goblirangs, or the bone tossing Bone Flingers. They don’t change much, but these towers and their unique mechanics are available from the start of each match.

This adds an extra level of strategy before the match even begins, since you have to choose just five towers to take with you. You may find yourself hopping out of matches after a few waves if you’ve made the wrong choice.

With 11 towers available as the game progresses, there’s no lack of variety despite the simplified upgrade paths. For those with deep pockets, there are an additional five towers available for purchased. Like paid heroes, the purchasable towers are in no way necessary to complete the game, and in most cases other towers fulfill a similar or identical role.

Still, that brings the number of in-app purchase types to three, with gems, heroes, and now towers available behind a paywall. To some it might sound like Ironhide has embraced the evil nature of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance with this level of monetization, but it’s par for the course in the mobile market. Developers have to eat too, and a game as polished and balanced as this deserves a full course meal.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance review – Conclusion

Despite its potentially controversial in-app purchases, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is an excellent game. Fans of the previous games in the series will not regret picking this one up. Those new to the series and on the fence can always try out the first game, Kingdom Rush, which is free to play.

Click the link below to download the game from the Google Play Store, and let us know in the comments what you think of it!

Обзор Kingdom Rush Vengeance: продолжение лучшей tower defense

Теперь вы знаете, как убить время.

Время летит быстро: вроде вот только вышла новая часть великой игры Kingdom Rush, а уже всё пройдено. Остаётся лишь повторно запускать уровни, экспериментируя с новыми персонажами и новыми башнями. Но обо всём по порядку.

Сколько стоит

Начну с того, что игра платная. В российском App Store она стоит 379 рублей, а в американском продаётся за $4,99. Можно её купить и для Android, вот ссылка в Google Play.

Донат присутствует — можно покупать чудесные примочки, новые башни и новых героев для ускоренного прохождения уровней. Но яростно вливать деньги с маминой кредитки не обязательно: игру можно пройти с минимальными затратами. Другое дело, тут хочется попробовать новых героев и увидеть, на что способны новые оборонительные сооружения. Поэтому я купил всё, что только можно. И могу сказать, что дополнительные башни особой пользы не приносят, а вот топовый дракон мне понравился.

Чем хороша

Жанр tower defense на редкость приятный. С одной стороны, это почти стратегия, с другой — всё красочно, ярко, с прикольной озвучкой и новыми возможностями, которых не хватало в предыдущих частях. А теперь про изменения!

Теперь воюем не за добрых эльфов и магов, а за чертей и зомби. Добро не всегда побеждает зло!

Можно менять башни! Если раньше строил башню и выбирал для неё две ветки развития, то теперь другой путь. Самостоятельно набираем здания для отражения вражеской атаки, поэтому получаются удобные комбинации для отработанных методов обороны. Ну а если наскучило, то меняете башни и получаете новые ощущения.

Всего 16 башенок разных типов, плюс четыре уровня прокачки — получается интересно и не скучно. Как я уже говорил, часть сооружений продаётся за деньги, донатить или нет — решайте сами. Я опробовал все здания и могу сказать, что платные постройки не особо полезны, хотя и вносят некоторое разнообразие в войнушку. Но такого, что купил супербашню и убил всех врагов одной бомбой, тут нет. Оно и к лучшему, а то бы совсем скучно было.

Появилась дополнительная защита на финальном этапе обороны, когда враг прорвался к флажкам и готов покинуть пределы карты. Если прокачать оборону, получаем последний шанс: вместо флажков появляются башни, они бьют противника током. Но особо на них рассчитывать не стоит, всех подряд они не убьют. Они лупят с задержкой, и нужна пауза для перезарядки, прежде чем ударить током по следующему врагу.

Как и раньше, прокачиваем героев и дополнительные навыки, поднимая навыки своей армии. Для этого нужны звёздочки, они присуждаются по мере успешного прохождения уровней. Одну-две звезды получить легко, три — уже тяжелее, но тоже реально. Потом уже идут отдельные уровни-испытания для тех, кому не жалко потратить полчаса на прохождение очередного этапа. Да, это не быстрая игрушка, а довольно тягучая. Но она увлекает, как и все предыдущие части этой серии.

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Это карта мира, где расположены 17 точек для сражений

Как ни зайду в App Store на iPad, вечно в рекомендациях одни и те же знакомые названия игр и приложений. Даже интересно становится, а как небольшим разработчикам без больших бюджетов продвигать свои игры? Как найти что-нибудь интересное, если магазин софта Apple не балует разнообразием и приходится устраивать опросы в Твиттере или смотреть подборки на YouTube в поисках чего-нибудь захватывающего?

Я люблю серию Kingdom Rush, и новая Vengeance не стала исключением. Вначале прошёл на iPad, потом на Pixel 3 поставил и убиваю гномиков, ну и вам советую. Уж очень это увлекательное занятие.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance stays strategic and lovable despite serious changes to the formula

It takes some getting used to, but Vengeance is a welcome return to the tower defense genre

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The Kingdom Rush games have been a constant mobile companion for me, bringing countless hours of strategic joy on long flights and layovers for years now. Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, the newest game in the series, adds some serious twists to the usual formula, serving as the largest update to the franchise since it began in 2011. But even among all this change, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance keeps all the charm and value that makes these games worth playing over and over again.

While Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and Kingdom Rush: Origins all focused on the forces of good defending their lands against evil, Vengeance — the fourth entry in Ironhide game Studios’ mobile tower defense series — flips the script. In Vengeance, players take control of the resurrected dark wizard Vez’nan and his minions to battle the forces of good.

The four tower archetypes — ranged, magic, troops and artillery — still exist. But unlike in previous games, where players could choose to evolve their ranged tower at level three into a fast-firing magical hybrid or a long range, slow-firing single bowman, the towers don’t change much over the course of a single map.

Instead, players create a loadout of up to five towers before the match even begins. When the game first starts, only four towers are available. But as the game progresses, players will unlock seven other towers to add to their loadout, with five more towers being locked behind real-money purchases.

Ironhide Game Studios

Unlike previous Kingdom Rush games, the towers in Vengeance start with their unique quark already in place. For example, the first artillery style tower you have is a goblin rocket launcher, where little goblins jump on a rocket and crash down on nearby enemies. It’s similar to a traditional artillery tower, with slow-firing, large area damage. The second artillery tower you unlock is a boiler that deals damage at a steady pace in its area of effect. Instead of only being able to hit a single enemy and its nearby compatriots, the boiler deals low damage to everything in the area.

Normally, you’d have to choose between those two types of towers at level three in the middle of the match. But Vengeance gives you access to the boiler tower at level one — assuming it’s in your loadout. This results in a more interesting tower landscape from the first wave of enemies.

For the first area of the game, this new change didn’t sit well with me. I missed the in-match decision-making that would come from choosing a tower’s specialty before its final level. But as I went on, I began to appreciate the tower variety and additional strategy that having specialty towers out from minute one provided me.

If I found an awesome choke point, I could put down the boiler tower immediately and watch as it dealt minimal damage in a full 360 degrees. Normally, I’d have to wait until many waves into the match to have that kind of efficiency. It makes the decision surrounding which tower to upgrade first a little more complicated. Where I used to simply pour money into one tower type until all of its units were upgraded, now I mix it up depending on what’s needed most.

Ironhide Game Studios

At one point toward the end of the game, I found myself starting a match and jumping back out of it as new enemies came my way. I started tweaking my loadout and then restarting to make sure I had the perfect grouping of towers at my disposal. It wasn’t something that was necessary, it was simply my way of creating the most efficient defense system I could in the end game. Being able to then take my favorite tower loadouts into earlier levels was a delight.

But the system does come with some serious drawbacks. The tower upgrades are no longer individualized, and the tree instead consists of four groups: one for general tower upgrades, another for heroes, one for the reinforcement abilities — which allows you to call demons to anywhere on the battle field — and, finally, one for the magical blast that deals area damage on a long cooldown.

These upgrade points are made even less interesting by being awarded flatly based on completing a level, not on performance. One of the best parts of the old Kingdom Rush games was making yourself overpowered by completing a level, getting three stars — earned based on performance — to earn three upgrade points, and then completing the two mission challenges for even more points.

While the challenges still exist for each level, they seem to exist more for bragging rights and added difficulty than as functional ways to gain points. However, once the game’s 17-level campaign is completed, another, higher difficulty level is unlocked, giving the game some added replay value.

Ironhide Game Studios

While I find myself disappointed in some of the changes to Kingdom Rush: Vengeance — as well as their decision to lock five cool towers behind a paywall — it’s still a game I found myself treasuring every new moment I spent with it. My biggest complaint with Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is that there isn’t more of it. While the game lasted me a good 10-or-so hours, I find myself always wanting to take on new challenges and earn new towers.

The map and enemy variety in Vengeance is stellar, and the overall experience of playing brings me back to Frontiers, my favorite game in the series. The boss levels are fun and varied, and each new adversary does a nice job of tasking you with new obstacles to overcome.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance keeps the foundation of what makes Kingdom Rush my favorite mobile game franchise. Once I got past the admittedly jarring changes to the formula, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance grew on me and even surpassed my fond memories of a few of the other games.

For veteran Kingdom Rush players and newcomers alike, the charm and strategy of the franchise remains with Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, making it one of the best mobile games of 2018.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance was reviewed on an iPhone X using a TestFlight code provided by Ironhide Game Studios. You can find additional information about Polygon’s ethics policy here.

Reviews for Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Read the latest App reviews for Kingdom Rush Vengeance from real users around the world, including user ratings from the app store and Google Play.

Ratings and Reviews

Rated 4.22 out of 5

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The only thing I got to say is please make more of these games n connect them to the previous games. I loved the first 3, this one is good so far. My favorite is probably the first tbh.

So fun

This game is so fun to play. However whenever I get past the last wave the game doesn’t close or give me stars leading to me having no progress on that level. Please fix asap.

Games cannot be purchased internally.

Characters too expensive…

Would give 5 stars but you guys gave me only 3 characters. 3 stars it is…

Great game but…

This is a great game but it lacks one of the most fun parts, the endless mode. If they added an endless mode then this would get the 5/5 stars it should have.

On 2 stage of ice an apex ice sard got stuck and I was not able to finish it

This was my least favorite In the series it was very short and not as replayable. Still my favorite series for TD games! Lots of fun 🙂


Awesome, love all the kingdom rush games, they never disappoint

Great game

Great game.. you really have to use strategy for this one. What happened to the vibration feature? Maybe it can be added as an update, it’s not a free game and the other KingdomRush games has it.

Money wall

You can only have a total of three characters and quite a bit of towers but there are so many more characters but they just want you to buy lots of towers and characters K K

Great gaming app, but but lacking a few.

That was a great gaming app I’ve ever played! Either way, the single player campaign I’ve finished only remains, while in the app, anything else including Endless is still lacking so anything that lacks is what you put up with.


I loved your games since I got the 2 game you made it was so cool and you made it 10 years ago and it is one of the best games out there also I’m so hyped for junkworld to come out!

Great game but

Super fun game and I love the concept of being a villain. Only problem is that I can’t do any in app purchases like I want to buy Eiskalt but I can’t


So much different from any other kingdom rush and I love it

Put this as an option

Wish they would make an endless option like they did in the first one

장사하는 목적이 너무 보입니다

Do not buy this

영웅. 탑 구입을 하였는데 오리진 비해 긴장감도 없고 스테이지도 너무 짧고……. 좋은점은 클라우드가 있어 연동이 잘 되네요

Very disappointed

The gameplay is great. Except everything is hidden behind a pay wall, even after paying for the game itself. What a cash grab. Don’t waste your time unless you got money to spend. I’ve never felt so duped as I do now

Amazing, but missing Stuff from other KR games

I love this game! Amazing graphics, I like the idea of choosing towers and it’s overall great! The thing is, i miss the encyclopedia of enemies. Developers, plz add!

Great alternate perspective

It’s more difficult to play as goblins than it is humans. Great sequel game though. My son loves it and I’m enjoying it now as well.

Where is my Encyclopedia.

I like some of the changes, but hate not having an encyclopedia for monsters!! Also, you should only get points for the amount of stars you get, not 3 every time you complete a level.

Really good game

I really had fun with this game! After completing all the levels There is a need for a level with unlimited waves and enemies. Replaying each level again seems mundane and does not generate interest.


I love this series and this is a great addition! Worth every penny!

Really fun

Honestly just a good game and fun to play casually

My favorite of the series

This is the best of the three kingdom rush games I have played. I also really appreciate that the game is not loaded with ads like most other games.

I did pay 5$

I would like it if I got a few mor hero’s than just 3 seeing as though in kingdom rush frontier I got 4 for free and that game has more boards and is free as well


peasent of games

You got the coliseum With no battles. A mountain. And etc. are there any new levels coming out ?

Great addition to the series

Love the new introductions of different towers. The skill tree is cool too because it doesn’t just focus on towers it actually disperses wealth among the player instead of the towers. Fun map!


If you like tower D games this is WELL worth the money.

Good, but more in app purchases than expected

The title kind of says it all. While I am used to many of the heroes being paywalled, and I don’t particularly mind, I was very disappointed to see so many of the towers paywalled. Hence the 3 stars.

Bug fixes?

After the newest update the bottom bar keeps getting stuck too high on the screen on my iPhone 12 Pro


After purchasing the game you then need to spend around 40$ to unlock some of the hero’s and towers. The game is fun and challenging, but it’s disappointing you can’t get all content without spending more money.

Very great

Amazing towers, heroes and game play also hidden Easter eggs hehe recommend it

good game but expensive content

this is a good game, but premium contents such as towers should be sold in lower price

Love the game so much but.

In my opinion this game is one of the greatest games I have ever played. But when I first got it it was pretty expensive. It was like 3 or 5 dollars. But that’s all I wanted to say, this game is great and I really like it.

Great TD

Prolly my fav tower defense of all time

You can pay to win, but if you don’t, it is an amazing challenge

I was frustrated because I swear this game was pay to win after losing for the 9th time in a row. Nope, got it on the 10th. Game has a high skill cap, well done!

Addicting and fun!

I was looking for a game to replace the old school tower defense and this one is a blast.

More money

The best hero’s cost more money and there’s no way to unlock them. Pretty annoying considering yiur already buying the game and that’s deff not apparent. Good game though.

Great game

Need more hero’s tho but it’s really really fun

More please!

The kingdom rush franchise are my favorite games on the App Store, when will we get the next addition?


EPIC EPIC 5 STARS Hsjsiakshshehsjwjwkwjjwnsnsns

Good game

I just have always loved playing the bad guys and this game does it so well

Would of given 5

I was on almost finished with the level until I went back to my app and didn’t save anything . I had to start it all overs again. real bummer when you are almost done with the level then BAM! It closes out or restarts the app.

Simply the best

Love all Kingdom Rush games. This one is awesome. Great graphics. Please keep updating the game with new missions and challenges.

WoW WoW WoW WoW!

What an amazing game. Such much creativity and beautiful graphics. Game play is near perfect! Developers Please add an Infinite Level. We need something to do after we beat the game. Something challenging

Good game

Have all past titles, this is refreshing


Brilliant game, I have found only a few fun almost ftp tower defense games and this is one of them. While you can buy heroes and towers they are cheap and acutally worth it. Gameplay is excellent and charecter and storyline are fun.

Wher are my hero

Okay first of all I bought all of the money spending Hero

Liked old art work

I liked the old design and art production. This is still fun good game play like the others. Just cannot get used to the design.

Kingdom rush

Great game! Not amazing! But it’s pretty good! Love the creativeness.

Great with a large drawback

The gameplay is phenomenal. It’s fun and there is a lot of time that can be spent in the game. The large drawback is that the game is $5 bucks and then most of the heroes and towers are locked behind even more purchases. Really a bit lame.

Just As Fun

Love the levels, strategy and humor. This one ventures a little into hokey territory — it’s more Roger Rabbit than cool arcade game — but everything else is improved from the amazing original. Bravo!

Fun and engaging

Not bad for a free game, you will most likely need to play though on lower difficulty settings first. This will increase your stats high enough to advance on normal or hard settings.

Ironhide Gem

Jared Clark Smallwoo

If you haven’t played an Ironhide game yet, I feel bad for you. They produce some of the best tower defense games I have ever played. Well worth the purchase price to not have ads between levels like some other games. 5/5

Best tower defense game

Kingdom rush games are the best tower defense games bar none. I just hope they will keep making them.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (Mobile) Review

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is the latest addition to the Kingdom Rush saga as well as being my first experience with the tower deference mobile series.

The biggest change in Vengeance that sets it apart from the previous Kingdom Rush titles is that of perspective. Kingdom Rush: Vengence puts players into the shoes of the villain, that being the evil wizard Vez’nan and his legion of monsters, rather than the good guys. As someone who hasn’t touched too many mobiles games since first purchasing a phone capable of capacitive touch input, I was surprised to see just how far games have come on the platform in terms of presentation and Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is no exception.

Starting the game up for the first time, players will be greeted with a comic-book inspired opening sequence. The game has a very light-hearted, Saturday-morning-cartoon feel, with the evil wizard Vez’nan coming off as your typical loveable idiot, tyrant archetype. This cartooney feel translates especially well into the actual gameplay, with every character, background and visual effect feeling well animated and rich in aesthetic flair and personality.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance – Review Images Provided by Kingdom Rush: Vengeance – Review Images Provided by Ironhide Game Studio

Humour is another huge aspect of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance that helps elevate the game apart from its contemporaries. Most unit types across both the player side and enemy lines seep with personality, making the game feel quirky and light-hearted. The sound design in the game reflects this adherence to the off-the-wall nature of the game, with most characters delivering genuinely funny quips that compliment the cartoon feel of the title.

Unlike most tower defense titles, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance relies on the use of different types of towers, rather than the usual reliance on different character classes or units — not to say that Kingdom Rush doesn’t offer players with character types, rather the central focus is on the formation of towers. Characters include an eclectic mix of warriors, archers, builders and more specialized unit types such as mechanical clockwork spiders, units that compliment and act as a buffer against larger hordes of enemies.

One of the more unique aspects of Kingdom Rush is the inclusion of distinct characters known as Heroes — Unlike standard units, Hero units are specialized and powerful characters that generally act as tank characters, best suited for the end of the line, preventing enemy units from invading the player camp.

In true tower defense fashion, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance escalates the action and micro-management required to successfully clear a map, oftentimes encouraging players to replay older levels to grind out their levels. Players can also purchase additional premium hero characters and towers that offer unique abilities and boons that can’t be found anywhere else. Those who may be apprehensive or against the notion of in-game purchases should consider the fact that Ironhide studios made all their premium content actually feel premium, not only helping players best some of the tougher levels but legitimately expanding the base experience of the game.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance – Review Images Provided by Ironhide Game Studio

Some of the standout characters and tower abilities that I found to be compelling during my time with the game include a spell of rejuvenation, goblin thief and juggernaut character, with the spell of rejuvenation granting players with a means of healing themselves during tricky sorties, the goblin thief providing valuable resource collection and the juggernaut, a powerful sentinel type of character, who basically allows players to brute force their way out of otherwise perilous situations.

One aspect of Kingdom Rush I appreciated was the inclusion of tutorials for whenever the game introduced new mechanics to the game. As someone who was unfamiliar with the tower defence genre, I found the tutorials to be well implemented and insightful, rather than extraneous or redundant, helping me ease into the more nuanced elements of gameplay.

If I had to recommend the best way to enjoy Kingdom Rush, players should consider playing on a tablet or a the very least, a large format phone, as I found some of the sprite work in the game to be rather small, in addition to the beautiful and colourful art really coming to life on a larger screen.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Review

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Vengeance is the fourth entry in the mega-popular Kingdom Rush tower defense series and is the entry that makes the most changes to the gameplay, though still keeping it solidly within TD tropes. (It’s a little weird that you still play on the defense the entire game, given that your army is supposedly the invading force, but that’s the genre, so we’ll just have to roll with it.)

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Nov 22, 2018 · Kingdom Rush Vengeance proves there is still room for new, great tower defense games on an App Store that sometimes feels overloaded with them. Although it still has some annoying monetization stuff in it, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the biggest and baddest the series has been. A few IAPs doesn’t change the fact that this is a must-buy.

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Nov 22, 2018 · Kingdom Rush: Vengeance stays strategic and lovable despite serious changes to the formula. It takes some getting used to, but Vengeance is a welcome return to the tower defense genre

Kingdom Rush Vengeance featured review — «Everything you .

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a great game that builds on its predecessors. It’s sharp and smart, and surprisingly tactical when it wants to be. Yes it’s a tower defence game, but what did you expect? It might not quite reach the heights of Iron Marines, but it’s still well worth a large portion of your precious time.

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Nov 28, 2018 · Kingdom Rush Vengeance does things a little different, since there’s more than one previous game to pull from. But the end result is a chaotic and fast-paced war where you get to control ghosts, gargoyles, skeletons and more.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (Mobile) Review | CGMagazine

Jan 21, 2019 · Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is the latest addition to the Kingdom Rush saga as well as being my first experience with the tower deference mobile series. The biggest change in Vengeance …

Kingdom Rush Vengeance — Rotten Forest REVIEW — YouTube

Nov 26, 2018 · Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a new strategy Tower Defense game! Kingdom Rush Vengeance takes a turn with the towers. There are no longer 4 base towers. Now there are up to 16 towers! Shadow archers .

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance — should you buy towers or heroes .

Nov 22, 2018 · Kingdom Rush: Vengeance offers five new towers and multiple heroes for purchase. Should you spend your money on Goblin War Zeppelin or …

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Nov 22, 2018 · Ultimately, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance provides players with a competent tower defense title that stands out from the saturated genre thanks to its colourful art style, quirky story beats and its role-reversal on good versus evil.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance — ALL TOWERS REVIEW — YouTube

Nov 27, 2018 · Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a new strategy Tower Defense game! Kingdom Rush Vengeance takes a turn with the towers. There are no longer 4 base towers. Now there are up to 16 towers! Shadow archers .

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Critic Reviews for iPhone/iPad .

Nov 22, 2018 · Kingdom Rush Vengeance proves there is still room for new, great tower defense games on an App Store that sometimes feels overloaded with them. Although it still has some annoying monetization stuff in it, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the biggest and baddest the series has been. A few IAPs doesn’t change the fact that this is a must-buy.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance — Jack O’Lantern FULL REVIEW — YouTube

Oct 22, 2019 · Jack Olantern is the new hero in kingdom rush vengeance. He’s a wonderful hero for the price. Super cool to look at and very fun to play with. He’s not the best hero by any means, but he’s.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance review | 148Apps

Kingdom Rush Vengeance proves there is still room for new, great tower defense games on an App Store that sometimes feels overloaded with them. Although it still has some annoying monetization stuff in it, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the biggest and baddest the series has been. A few IAPs doesn’t change the fact that this is a must-buy.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance — Swamp Thing FULL REVIEW — YouTube

Oct 23, 2019 · The Swamp Thing is a new tower in Kingdom Rush Vengeance. He has two main ways he can attack and he’s a surprisingly interesting tower! What are your opinions?

Kingdom Rush Review — IGN

Feb 01, 2012 · Verdict. Kingdom Rush is an instant classic and is guaranteed to turn up on 2012 “best of” lists. Anyone remotely interested in either tower defense or strategy should consider it a most-own.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Command legendary heroes! and lead them to victory! Coming from the darkest parts of the Kingdom, with extraordinary and unique skills, this uncanny warriors will make your enemies run in fear!

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance review – A refreshingly evil spin .

Nov 27, 2018 · Kingdom Rush: Vengeance review – Conclusion. Despite its potentially controversial in-app purchases, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is an excellent game. Fans of the previous games in the series will not regret picking this one up. Those new to the series and on the fence can always try out the first game, Kingdom Rush, which is free to play.

Kingdom Rush Vengance :: Kingdom Rush Origins General .

Nov 30, 2018 · At the moment the Vengeance team is working on an update for mobile and the Iron Marines team is working on its Steam version. Lots of exciting things will come to both mobile and Steam! One more thing developer: I ended up LOVING Kingdom rush origins the atmopshere is fantastic as I promised I did buy the game when it was 30%

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Kingdom Rush: Vengeance GAMEPLAY AND REVIEW The real of this game is a fantasy realm that’s mostly dominated by weird creatures, brave knights, unusual beasts and magic. There is an ever existing conflict between the forces of evil and good and takes place for long periods of years.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance review – A refreshingly evil spin .

Four years after Kingdom Rush: Origins, Ironhide Game Studio is back with the fourth installment in the Kingdom Rush series. In Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, the tables have turned, as you play as the evil resurrected wizard Vez’nan in his quest for revenge on the forces of …

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance for PC Download Free — GamesCatalyst

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance heroes system is one of the ways to enhance your defenses. When you gather enough energy, you will be able to deploy a hero. Each hero has different skills and effect on the enemy waves. But they can be upgraded to do more damage and will assist your towers.

Review: Kingdom Rush Vengeance – 4DGamers.com

Review: Kingdom Rush Vengeance. 22nd November 2018 22nd November 2018 Paul Byron. Anyone who has even a passing interest in Tower Defence games will have heard of the Kingdom Rush games. Ironhide Studios series has often been cited as some of the best in the genre and their back to claim the top spot with Kingdom Rush Vengeance on iOS and Android.

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Nov 21, 2018 · ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance and …

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Jul 05, 2017 · Fight on forests, mountains and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness! Kingdom Rush highlights:

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is coming November 22 (Update .

Nov 22, 2018 · Like all Kingdom Rush titles after the first, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance is a paid title, costing 5 bucks. On top of that, it has in-app-purchases for gems, towers, and heroes costing up to $99.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance on PC with BlueStacks

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is best played on the BlueStacks gaming platform with its Keymapping Feature. You can choose to beat the hell out of competitors with Pc like controls using BlueStacks Default Kepmapping. Or, if you like, you can map keys of your own choice to each control and get a …

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— Rush the Kingdom as you bring down 6 mighty Kings in the most legendary of boss fights! — New powers and reinforcements to vanquish your foes. — 10+ trinkets and artifacts for that extra edge in battle. — 30 upgrades to train your army to their best form. — 60+ Achievements, hidden secrets and fun stuff for you to play and discover!

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers is available for pre purchase on Switch ! . It´s Kingdom Rush Vengeance´s first anniversary and we want to celebrate it with you! Extras The pact Learn the story behind the cursed bargain Vez’nan struck with the Ghost Kings Extras The Ghost Kings .

KINGDOM RUSH VENGEANCE | Pocket Gamer Review — YouTube

· Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the fourth instalment in the long-running tower defense series from Ironhide Studios. This time around you need to embrace your inner villain, as you take control of.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers for PC Reviews — Metacritic

· Metacritic Game Reviews, Kingdom Rush Frontiers for PC, The world’s most devilishly addictive defense game is back — welcome to Kingdom Rush: …

Kingdom Rush Vengeance — Deep Devil’s Reef — FULL TOWER …

· Deep Devil’s Reef is the new tower in the subaquatic menace update. It’s new, it’s fresh. It’s awesome as a barracks and magic combo! Merch — https://www.red.

News — Ironhide Games Studio — Ironhide Games Studio

This spooktacular update for Kingdom Rush Vengeance will soon be released! Company Ironhide and The Monster Project Bringing the magic of art and collaboration to the classroom Announcements It’s Iron Marines’ 2nd anniversary! Iron Marines is turning 2 and we would love to celebrate it with you! .

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance Review – Erased Citizens

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance does very little to shake up this tried and tested formula, sticking largely to the same elements that made the series popular in the first place. Kingdom Rush: Vengeance sees players take control of Vez’nan, the villain from the first Kingdom Rush game. Your goal is to build your army up and reclaim the land that once .






Kingdom Rush: Vengeance (Mobile) Review


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